Used Dive Gear

Do we sell used dive gear?

Yes, we do sell used dive gear. All of our used regulators and BCDs have been serviced by our certified technician, water tested and ready to go diving. 

We also have dive computer, wet suits, boot, fins and sometimes masks in our used section.

Below you will find some of our used gear we have for sale.



1st Stage- Sherwood Brut
2nd Stage- Sherwood Brut
Console- pressure gauge & depth gauge
Price: $200



1st Stage- AquaLung
2nd Stage- ScubaPro R190
Console- Suunto computer &  pressure gauge
Price: $400



1st Stage- SeaQuest
2nd Stage- ScubaPro R359
Console- Compass, Suunto computer,  pressure gauge
Price: $350


1st Stage- Sherwood
2nd Stage- Sherwood

Price: $100


 SeaQuest ADV BCD  

Size- M 

Jacket inflate 

Price: $20


Size- M/L

Jacket inflate

W/ dive knife
Price: $50


Dacor BCD
Size-  S
Jacket inflate
Weight integrated pockets
Price: $100


 SeaQuest Libra BCD  W/ Air Source  

Size- Women's M/L  

Back inflate Weight integrated pockets 

 Price: $250

If you have any question please feel free to call and ask for Kodie or Jimmi 417-882-7327

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