Meet Our Team

Hi, we are Danny & Jimmi Yarbrough owners of Diver's Oasis

  Danny has been diving since he was 15 years old, and for those of you that know him that is 41 years of diving experience! He feels very fortunate that his wife Jimmi enjoys diving as much as he does, as she has been diving for 16 years herself. We loved the sport so much, we both became dive instructors so we would be able to share the experience with others.  We are the parents to 5 children: 4 of which enjoy diving, and have 11 grandchildren that are starting to love the water also! Once again we are very blessed and fortunate!  You can find us most weekends from April to November on Bull Shoals Lake where the water is beautiful and clear. If we aren't teaching classes we are spearfishing or just enjoying the lake.

In 2011 we purchased Steve's Scuba from Steve and Millie Walls (hence the name Steve's Scuba!) who started the business 26 years earlier. This business is now 30 years old and growing! It was time for us to rename Steve's Scuba and start our own chaper as Diver's Oasis.


Our goal is to be the BEST PADI Dive Center in Springfield Missouri.  In order to do this we have staffed our store with courtious, knowledgeable, helpful and professionally trained crew. We have stocked our store with the best dive equipment made and priced ourselves to compete with the internet.  

Come in and see the difference that over 110 years of combinded dive experience will make!

Hi, I'm Jeff Rook.

Hello, I'm Kathy Glaser.

Like many of you, scuba diving is something "I always wanted to do".  I love clear blue water and white sandy beaches, so why not combine the two with scuba?     

 I learned to dive in 1996 and continued on to become an instructor in 2000.  There is nothing better than to see the joy on a person's face when they breathe underwater for the first time!  I joined Steve's Scuba in 2014 and became a PADI instructor that August. I am exited to be now a part of the new chapter Diver's Oasis. I love to travel and take underwater photos and to share the adventure of diving with others.

Hello, I'm Kodie Poyneer.

I have grown up diving. I started diving when I was around 10 years old and just fell in love with the underwater world.

I have been working my way up the ladder and now I am a Dive Master and someday an instructor for Diver's Oasis. You will also see me at the front desk or talk to me on the phone as well.

I started working here when the store was called Steve's Scuba. Starting this new chapter with Diver's Oasis is very exciting and I can't wait to see what is new.