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PADI Open Water Certification


The PADI Open Water course cost is all inclusive. There are no hidden fees in our course cost. The cost includes your Books, Certification, Equipment Rental (tank, regulator, BCD, weights, wetsuit), Dive Tables, and Four Open Water Check Out Dives*. 

There are 3 components to our open water certification courses:  

ACADEMICS - Where you learn the theory behind diving and the principles of scuba.  

CONFINED WATER TRAINING - Where you practice the actual sport of scuba diving.  

OPEN WATER SESSIONS - Where you demonstrate what you learned and the final step in certification! 

 It is a LIFETIME certification. It does not expire. However, if you go long periods of time without diving, we encourage you to take a dive refresher to familiarize yourself.



PADI e-learning is available. With e-learning you can study and work on the sections from your own home at your own pace. We don't want you to feel like you are alone, there is always an instructor here in the store to answer any questions you may have.

Academic classroom sessions are where you learn the basic principles of SCUBA. It is accomplished with reading material, presentations and open discussions in an environment that is comfortable and conducive to learning. Classes are generally held in the evenings, once a week, and last for four weeks. Alternative times can be arranged upon request.



At Diver's Oasis we progressively teach students the essential skills needed for successful completion of our Open Water course. This allows the student to take the necessary time required to master certain skills so they can be utilized in an Open Water environment. We do not rush our pool time.

Our confined water training area has at least 9 ft pool depth. This allows the student to feel comfortable practicing equalization at depth, but within a safe environment. As equalization is a necessary and required skill, pool practice will help ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable diving experience. This also prepares you for your Open Water checkout dives and helps ensure that you are more comfortable during those dives. The confined water setting is designed to allow the student to develop a strong foundation for comfort and safety.



The open water checkout dives are the final step to your new SCUBA certification. There are four check out dives that occur in an open body of water, such as a quarry, ocean, or lake. The dives give you the opportunity to practice the skills you learned in the confined water training. The dives also allow you to really experience what this sport is all about - Diving! Many open water certification experiences only meet the minimum requirements. We love the sport of diving and sharing this sport with others so our focus for the open water dives is to make sure you are comfortable and have fun diving.   

Each diver is unique and their needs are unique. We modify our open water experiences to provide the best introduction to diving for each student. If a student requires additional one-on-one help in the open water setting, that is what we do! Our goal is to get you out and diving so you can enjoy your new sport with confidence.

Course Pricing

you must be at least 10 years of age to become certified